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2023郭兵The salinization process and its response to the combined processes of climate change-human activity in the Yellow River Delta between 1984 and 2022CATENASCI-1区
2023宋英强HPO-empowered machine learning with multiple environment variables enables spatial prediction of soil heavy metals in coastal delta farmland of ChinaComputers and Electronics in AgricultureSCI-1区
2023冯建迪A new global TEC empirical model based on fusing multi-source dataGPS SOLUTIONSSCI-1区
2023郭兵The dominant driving factors of rocky desertification and their variations in typical mountainous karst areas of southwest China in the context of global changeCATENASCI-1区
2023范学忠Loss of tidal creek ecosystem vitality caused by tidal flat narrowing on the central Jiangsu coast, ChinaScience of the Total EnvironmentSCI-1区
2022郭兵The dominant influencing factors of desertification changes in the source region of Yellow River: Climate change or human activity?SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENTSCI-1区
2022解鹏Urban scale ventilation analysis based on neighborhood normalized current modelSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETYSCI-1区
2022任皎龙Fatigue prediction of semi-flexible composite mixture based on damage evolutionCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSSCI-1区
2022任皎龙Determination of the fatigue equation for the cement-stabilized cold recycled mixtures with road construction waste materials based on data-drivenINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUESCI-1区
2022任皎龙Short-term aging characteristics and mechanisms of SBS-modified bio-asphalt binder considering time-dependent effectCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSSCI-1区
2022张文刚Evaluation method of storage stability of SBS modified bitumen based on dynamic rheological propertiesCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSSCI-1区
2022冯建迪A New Global TEC Empirical Model Based on  Fusing Multi-source DataGPS  SOLUTIONSSCI-1区
2022赵洪波A practical and efficient reliability-based design optimization method for rock tunnel supportTUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGYSCI-1区
2021杨朝斌Assessing the effects of 2D/3D urban morphology on the 3D urban thermal environment by using multi-source remote sensing data and UAV measurements: A case study of the snow-climate city of Changchun, ChinaJournal of Cleaner ProductionSCI-1区
2021赵洪波Updating the models and uncertainty of mechanical parameters for rock tunnels using Bayesian inferenceGEOSCIENCE FRONTIERSSCI-1区
2021张林Probabilistic estimation of root cohesion in regards to intra-specific variability of root systemCATENASCI-1区
2021郭兵A novel-optimal monitoring model of rocky desertification based on feature space models with typical surface parameters derived from LANDSAT_8 OLILand Degradation & DevelopmentSCI-1区
2020郭兵Dynamic monitoring of desertification in Naiman Banner based on feature space models with typical surface parameters derived from LANDSAT imagesLAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENTSCI-1区
2018郭兵Dynamic monitoring of soil erosion in the upper Minjiang catchment using an improved soil loss equation based on remote sensing and geographic information systemLAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENTSCI-1区
2023Liu, QingyunA Spatiotemporally Constrained Interpolation Method for Missing Pixel Values in the Suomi-NPP VIIRS Monthly Composite Images: Taking Shanghai as an ExampleREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2023范俊甫Building Change Detection with Deep Learning by Fusing Spectral and Texture Features of Multisource Remote Sensing Images: A GF-1 and Sentinel 2B Data CaseREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2023宋英强Tree-Structured Parzan Estimator-Machine Learning-Ordinary Kriging: An Integration Method for Soil Ammonia Spatial Prediction in the Typical Cropland of Chinese Yellow River Delta with Sentinel-2 Remote Sensing Image and Air Quality DataREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2023丁超The Precursory 3D Displacement Patterns and Their Implicit Collapse Mechanism of the Ice-Rock Avalanche Events Occurred in Sedongpu Basin Revealed by Optical and SAR ObservationsREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2023宋英强Spatial prediction of PM2.5 concentration using hyper-parameter optimization XGBoost model in ChinaENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATIONSCI-2区
2023Zhan, DexiSpatial Prediction and Mapping of Soil Water Content by TPE-GBDT Model in Chinese Coastal Delta Farmland with Sentinel-2 Remote Sensing DataAGRICULTURE-BASELSCI-2区
2023杨朝斌Impact of refined 2D/3D urban morphology on hourly air temperature across different spatial scales in a snow climate cityURBAN CLIMATESCI-2区
2023魏翠霞The Changes in Dominant Driving Factors in the Evolution Process of Wetland in the Yellow River Delta during 2015-2022REMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2023冯建迪Analysis of Ionospheric Anomalies before the Tonga Volcanic Eruption on 15 January 2022Remote SensingSCI-2区
2023冯建迪A Method for Detecting Ionospheric TEC Anomalies before Earthquake: The Case Study of Ms 7.8 Earthquake, February 06, 2023, TürkiyeRemote SensingSCI-2区
2023王开心Analysis of Winter Anomaly and Annual Anomaly Based on Regression ApproachRemote SensingSCI-2区
2023李海洲Study on the Characteristics of Composite Recycled Aggregate Concrete Based on Box-Behnken Design Response Surface Modelfractal and fractionalSCI-2区
2022郭兵The Changes of Spatiotemporal Pattern of Rocky Desertification and Its Dominant Driving Factors in Typical Karst Mountainous Areas under the Background of Global ChangeREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2022魏翠霞The Change Pattern and Its Dominant Driving Factors of Wetlands in the Yellow River Delta Based on Sentinel-2 ImagesREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2022郭兵A novel feature space monitoring index of salinisation in the Yellow River Delta based on SENTINEL-2B MSI imagesLAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENTSCI-2区
2022宋英强Using multispectral variables to estimate heavy metals content in agricultural soils: A case of suburban area in Tianjin, ChinaGEODERMA REGIONALSCI-2区
2022宋英强Estimating the spatial distribution of soil heavy metals in oil mining area using air quality dataAtmospheric EnvironmentSCI-2区
2022任皎龙Design optimization of cement grouting material based on adaptive boosting algorithm and simplicial homology global optimizationJOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERINGSCI-2区
2022任皎龙Data-driven model for Fourier transform infrared spectrum characteristics of the aged modified bio-asphalt binderMEASUREMENTSCI-2区
2022张轶A Recurrent Adaptive Network: Balanced Learning for Road Crack Segmentation with High-Resolution ImagesREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2022范俊甫Nighttime luminosity transitions are tightly spatiotemporally correlated with land use changes: A pixelwise case study in Beijing, ChinaEcological IndicatorsSCI-2区
2022徐鹏飞Recovering Regional Groundwater Storage Anomalies by Combining GNSS and Surface Mass Load Data: A Case Study in Western YunnanREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2022苏天The influence of salt-frost cycles on the bond behavior distribution between rebar and recycled coarse aggregate concreteJOURNAL OF BUILDING ENGINEERINGSCI-2区
2022张林Uncertainty quantification for the mechanical behavior of fully grouted rockbolts subjected to pull-out testsCOMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICSSCI-2区
2022范学忠Urbanization and water quality dynamics and their spatial correlation in coastal margins of mainland ChinaECOLOGICAL INDICATORSSCI-2区
2021逯跃锋Spatiotemporal characteristics of freeze-thawing erosion in the source regions of the Chin-Sha, Ya-Lung and lantsang rivers on the basis of GISRemote SensingSCI-2区
2021赵洪波A reduced order model based on machine learning for numerical analysis: An application to geomechanicsENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCESCI-2区
2021吴洪伟A novel remote sensing ecological vulnerability index on large scale: A case study of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor regionEcological IndicatorsSCI-2区
2021赵洪波Uncertainty analysis of rock tunnel based on fractional moment and dimensional reduction methodINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROCK MECHANICS AND MINING SCIENCESSCI-2区
2021张文刚Modification mechanism of C9 petroleum resin and its influence on SBS modified asphaltConstruction and Building MaterialsSCI-2区
2021朱文浩How to measure the urban park cooling island? A perspective of absolute and relative indicators using remote sensing and buffer analysisRemote SensingSCI-2区
2021赵洪波Determination of geomaterial mechanical parameters based on back analysis and reduced-order modelComputers and GeotechnicsSCI-2区
2021任皎龙Gradation optimization and strength mechanism of aggregate structure considering macroscopic and mesoscopic aggregate mechanical behaviour in porous asphalt mixtureConstruction and Building MaterialsSCI-2区
2021赵泽栋Fatigue characteristics and prediction of cement-stabilized cold recycled mixture with road-milling materials considering recycled aggregate compositionConstruction and Building MaterialsSCI-2区
2021张世义Effect of nano-metakaolinite clay on hydration behavior of cement-based materials at early curing ageConstruction and Building MaterialsSCI-2区
2021孙永玲Geometric Evolution of the Chongce Glacier during 1970-2020, Detected by Multi-Source Satellite ObservationsREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2020任皎龙Effects of recycled aggregate composition on the mechanical characteristics and material design of cement stabilized cold recycling mixtures using road milling materialsCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSSCI-2区
2020杨朝斌Comparison of land surface and air temperatures for quantifying summer and winter urban heat island in a snow climate cityJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENTSCI-2区
2020杨朝斌Investigating Seasonal Effects of Dominant Driving Factors on Urban Land Surface Temperature in a Snow-Climate City in ChinaREMOTE SENSINGSCI-2区
2020任皎龙Characterization and prediction of rutting resistance of rock asphalt mixture under the coupling effect of water and high-temperatureCONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALSSCI-2区
2020郭兵Soil Salizanation Information in the Yellow River Delta Based on Feature Surface Models Using Landsat 8 OLI DataIEEE ACCESSSCI-2区
2020郭兵Spatial-temporal shifts of ecological vulnerability of Karst Mountain ecosystem-impacts of global change and anthropogenic interferenceSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENTSCI-2区
2020郭兵An Optimal Monitoring Model of Desertification in Naiman Banner Based on Feature Space Utilizing Landsat8 OLI ImageIEEE ACCESSSCI-2区
2020郭兵Improved evaluation method of the soil wind erosion intensity based on the cloud-AHP model under the stress of global climate changeSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENTSCI-2区
2020范俊甫Quantitative Estimation of Missing Value Interpolation Methods for Suomi-NPP VIIRS/DNB Nighttime Light Monthly Composite ImagesIEEE ACCESSSCI-2区
2019张文刚Test method and material design of asphalt mixture with the function of photocatalytic decomposition of automobile exhaustConstruction and Building MaterialsSCI-2区
2019张文刚The effect of direct-to-plant styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer components on bitumen modificationPolymersSCI-2区
2019张文刚Experimental Study on Nano-parameters of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Block Copolymer Modified Bitumen Based on Atomic Force MicroscopyPolymersSCI-2区
2018范俊甫Rasterization Computing-Based Parallel Vector Polygon Overlay Analysis Algorithms Using OpenMP and MPIIEEE ACCESSSCI-2区
2014范俊甫Comparative Estimation of Urban Development in Chinas Cities Using Socioeconomic and DMSP/OLS Night Light DataRemote SensingSCI-2区
2023冯建迪Analysis of temporal and spatial variation characteristics of midlatitude summer nighttime anomaly in low and middle solar activity periodADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCHSCI-3区
2023Guo, YuchenThe Factors Affecting the Quality of the Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index (TVDI) and the Spatial-Temporal Variations in Drought from 2011 to 2020 in Regions Affected by Climate ChangeSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023庄胜寒Rutting and Fatigue Resistance of High-Modulus Asphalt Mixture Considering the Combined Effects of Moisture Content and TemperatureBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2023王卫国Numerical Analysis of the Dynamic Response Law of Counter-Tilt Layered Rock SlopesSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023Li, PeiqingEffects of Borax, Sucrose, and Citric Acid on the Setting Time and Mechanical Properties of Alkali-Activated SlagMATERIALSSCI-3区
2023张世义Study on the Relationship between Early Shrinkage Cracking and Mechanical Properties of Nano-Clay Cement Mortar Based on Fractal TheoryBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2023Yan, XiangThe Modification Mechanism, Evaluation Method, and Construction Technology of Direct-to-Plant SBS Modifiers in Asphalt Mixture: A ReviewPOLYMERSSCI-3区
2023于洋Carbon storage simulation and analysis in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region based on CA-plus model under dual-carbon backgroundGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2023郭兵A novel remote sensing monitoring index of salinization based on three-dimensional feature space model and its application in the Yellow River Delta of ChinaGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2023尹超Model tests and numerical simulations on hydraulic fracturing and failure mechanism of rock landslidesNATURAL HAZARDSSCI-3区
2023Li, ZhongboRainfall-seismic coupling effect induced landslide hazard assessmentNATURAL HAZARDSSCI-3区
2023黄伟Source Apportionment of Soil Heavy Metal(Loid)s in Farmland Using Diverse Models: A Comparative Assessment in the Yellow River DeltaJOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGSCI-3区
2023李彩林Review on Urban Flood Risk AssessmentSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023冯建迪Analysis of ionospheric TEC response to solar and geomagnetic activities at different solar activity stagesADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCHSCI-3区
2023谢丹凤Identifying Critical Factors Affecting the Resilience of Additive Manufacturing Architecture Supply ChainBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2023王健Investigation on Shrinkage Characteristics of Polyester-Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Stabilized Concrete Considering Fiber Length and ContentBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2023宋英强The Role of High Nature Value Farmland for Landscape and Soil Pollution Assessment in a Coastal Delta in China Based on High-Resolution IndicatorsSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023陈静纯Mesoscopic Mechanical Properties of Aggregate Structure in Asphalt Mixtures and Gradation OptimizationMATERIALSSCI-3区
2023Li, ShuaijunEffects of Mud Content on the Setting Time and Mechanical Properties of Alkali-Activated Slag MortarMATERIALSSCI-3区
2023黄占芳Study on Vertical Load Distribution of Pile Group-Liquefied Soil System under Horizontal Seismic EnvironmentSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023李佳霖The Spatiotemporal Variations in Soil Erosion and Its Dominant Influencing Factors in the Wenchuan Earthquake-Stricken AreaSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023刘一峰Quantitative distinction of the relative actions of climate change and human activities on vegetation evolution in the Yellow River Basin of China during 1981-2019JOURNAL OF ARID LANDSCI-3区
2023逯跃锋A Novel Desert Vegetation Extraction and Shadow Separation Method Based on Visible Light Images from Unmanned Aerial VehiclesSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023李彩林Identification and Mapping of High Nature Value Farmland in the Yellow River Delta Using Landsat-8 Multispectral DataISPRS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEO-INFORMATIONSCI-3区
2023梁晓飞Study on the Relationship between Chloride Ion Penetration and Resistivity of NAC-Cement ConcreteBuildingsSCI-3区
2023李敏Evaluation of the Adhesion between Aggregate and Asphalt Binder Based on Image Processing Techniques Considering Aggregate CharacteristicsMATERIALSSCI-3区
2023孙娜Urban flooding risk assessment based on FAHP-EWM combination weighting: a case study of BeijingGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2023逯跃锋Hand-drawn sketch and vector map matching based on topological featuresFRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCESCI-3区
2023李静Evaluation and Analysis of Development Status of Yellow River Beach Area Based on Multi-Source Data and Coordination Degree ModelSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2023Fan, HuadanEvaluation and analysis of statistical and coupling models for highway landslide susceptibilityGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2023郑润The Experimental Study of Dynamic Response of Marine Riser under Coupling Effect of Multiparameter Journal of Marine Science and EngineeringSCI-3区
2023苏天Mechanical properties and frost resistance of recycled brick aggregate concrete modified by nano-SiO2NANOTECHNOLOGY REVIEWSSCI-3区
2023黄占芳Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Fiber Recycled Brick Aggregate Concrete and Its Influencing Factors by Gray Correlation AnalysisSustainabilitySCI-3区
2023黄占芳Finite element simulation study on vertical bearing characteristics of single pile with ram-compacted bearing sphereplos oneSCI-3区
2023Yao, KaizhongEvaluating and Analyzing Urban Renewal and Transformation Potential Based on AET Models: A Case Study of Shenzhen CitySustainabilitySCI-3区
2023曲正Mining and analysis of public sentiment during disaster events: The extreme rainstorm disaster in megacities of China in 2021HeliyonSCI-3区
2022张璐Mechanical Properties and Chloride Penetration Resistance of Copper Slag Aggregate ConcreteFRACTAL AND FRACTIONALSCI-3区
2022郭兵A novel-optimal monitoring index of rocky desertification based on feature space model and red edge indices that derived from sentinel-2 MSI imageGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2022刘一峰Quantitative distinction of the relative actions of climate change and human activities on vegetation evolution in the Yellow River Basin of China during 1981–2019Journal of Arid LandSCI-3区
2022袁兴明Dynamic Monitoring of the Ecological Vulnerability for Multi-Type Ecological Functional Areas during 2000–2018SustainbilitySCI-3区
2022范华丹A Landslide Susceptibility Evaluation of Highway Disasters Based on the Frequency Ratio Coupling ModelSUSTAINABILITYSCI-3区
2022任皎龙Investigating mechanical characteristics of aggregate structure for road materialsINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PAVEMENT ENGINEERINGSCI-3区
2022任皎龙Fatigue behaviour of rock asphalt concrete considering moisture, high-temperature, and stress levelINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PAVEMENT ENGINEERINGSCI-3区
2022张相泉 Degradation mechanisms of early-strength for high-fluidization cement mortar under magnesium sulfate corrosionBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2022赵泽栋Effect mechanisms of toner and nano-SiO2 on early strength of cement grouting materials for repair of reinforced concreteBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2022尹超Spatial prediction of highway slope disasters based on convolution neural networksNATURAL HAZARDSSCI-3区
2022陈嘉浩MSF-Net: A Multiscale Supervised Fusion Network for Building Change Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing ImagesIEEE ACCESSSCI-3区
2022李彩林Power Line Extraction and Obstacle Inspection of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Oblique Images Constrained by the Vertical PlanePHOTOGRAMMETRIC RECORDSCI-3区
2022冯建迪Solar activity influence on the temporal and spatial variations of the Arctic and Antarctic ionosphereADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCHSCI-3区
2022穆豪祥Characteristics of timberline and treeline altitudinal distribution  in Mt. Namjagbarwa and their geographical interpretation rpretation Journal of Mountain ScienceSCI-3区
2022王萌Data-Driven Rock Strength Parameter Identification Using Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2022苏天Bond properties of deformed rebar in frost-damaged recycled coarse aggregate concrete under repeated loadingsJournal of Materials in Civil EngineeringSCI-3区
2022赵洪波AdaBoost-Based Back Analysis for Determining Rock Mass Mechanical Parameters of Claystones in Goupitan Tunnel, ChinaBUILDINGSSCI-3区
2022窦法楷Effect of Clay Minerals on Tensile Failure Characteristics of ShaleACS OMEGASCI-3区
2022杨德强Prediction of Concrete Compressive Strength in Saline Soil EnvironmentsMATERIALSSCI-3区
2022Yan, TingtingEvaluating heavy metal pollution and potential risk of soil around a coal mining region of Taian City, ChinaAlexandria Engineering JournalSCI-3区
2021张世义Effect of Nano-Kaolinite Clay on Rebar Corrosion and Bond Behavior Between Rebar and ConcreteJOURNAL OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERINGSCI-3区
2021戴兴伟Determining Worker Training Time for Precast Component Production in Construction: Empirical Study in TaiwanJOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENTSCI-3区
2021俞宵NestNet: a multiscale convolutional neural network for remote sensing image change detectionInternational Journal of Remote SensingSCI-3区
2021黄占芳Numerical analysis for the vertical bearing capacity of composite pile foundation system in liquefiable soil under sine wave vibrationPLOS ONESCI-3区
2021俞宵Relative Radiation Correction Based on CycleGAN for Visual Perception Improvement in High-Resolution Remote Sensing ImagesIEEE AccessSCI-3区
2021赵洪波Determining geomechanical parameters and a deformation uncertainty analysis of the Longtan Hydropower Station slope, ChinaBulletin of Engineering Geology and the EnvironmentSCI-3区
2021冯建迪Analysis of Global Ionospheric Response to Solar Flares Based on Total Electron Content and Very Low Frequency SignalsIEEE AccessSCI-3区
2021陈舒婷Quantitatively determine the dominant driving factors of the spatial-temporal changes of vegetation NPP in the Hengduan Mountain area during 2000-2015Journal of Mountain ScienceSCI-3区
2021任皎龙High-fluidization, early strength cement grouting material enhanced by nano-SiO2: formula and mechanismsMaterialsSCI-3区
2021任皎龙Fatigue behaviour of rock asphalt concrete considering moisture, high-temperature, and stress levelInternation Journal of Pavement EngineeringSCI-3区
2021杨潇Spatial-temporal evolution patterns of soil erosion in the Yellow River Basin from 1990 to 2015: impacts of natural factors and land use changeGeomatics Natural Hazards & RiskSCI-3区
2021郭兵Detection model of soil salinization information in the Yellow River Delta based on feature space models with typical surface parameters derived from  Landsat8 OLI imageGeomatics Natural Hazards & RiskSCI-3区
2021赵洪波Physics-based reduced order model for computational geomechanicsGeomechanics and EngineeringSCI-3区
2021范俊甫Evaluation of freeze–thaw erosion in Tibet based on the cloud modelFrontiers of Earth ScienceSCI-3区
2021张鹏Comparative Study on the Effect of Shape Complexity on the Efficiency of Different Overlay Analysis AlgorithmsIEEE AccessSCI-3区
2021肖汉A Parallel Algorithm of Image MeanIEEE AccessSCI-3区
2020尹超Hazard assessment and regionalization of highway flood disasters in ChinaNATURAL HAZARDSSCI-3区
2020黄占芳Vertical bearing capacity of a pile-liquefiable sandy soil foundation under horizontal seismic forcePLOS ONESCI-3区
2020任皎龙Investigating the pavement performance and aging resistance of modified bio-asphalt with nano-particlesPLOS ONESCI-3区
2020尹超Application of the Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Slope Deformation Monitoring: Taking a Highway Slope as an ExampleAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-3区
2020魏海硕Desertification Information Extraction Along the China-Mongolia Railway Supported by Multisource Feature Space and Geographical Zoning ModelingIEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATIONS AND REMOTE SENSINGSCI-3区
2020尹超Susceptibility mapping and zoning of highway landslide disasters in ChinaPLOS ONESCI-3区
2020郭兵Spatial and temporal change patterns of net primary productivity and its response to climate change in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of China from 2000 to 2015JOURNAL OF ARID LANDSCI-3区
2020郭兵Detection model of soil salinization information in the Yellow River Delta based on feature space models with typical surface parameters derived from Landsat8 OLI imageGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2020文晔Desertification detection model in Naiman Banner based on the albedo-modified soil adjusted vegetation index feature space using the Landsat8 OLI imagesGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2020孙光强Spatial–temporal change patterns of vegetation coverage in China and its driving mechanisms over the past 20 years based on the concept of geographic divisionGEOMATICS NATURAL HAZARDS & RISKSCI-3区
2020韩芳What factors determine the mass elevation effect of the Tibetan PlateauJournal of Mountain ScienceSCI-3区
2019范学忠Ecological quality dynamics around marine reserves in the Bohai Sea coastal zone and their relationship with landscape artificializationGlobal Ecology and ConservationSCI-3区
2019张文刚Effect of Thermo-Oxygen Ageing on Nano-morphology of BitumenApplied SciencesSCI-3区
2019郭兵An improved gridded water resource distribution for China based on second-order basin data Geomatics, Natural Hazards and RiskSCI-3区
2019郭兵Quantitative assessment model of ecological vulnerability of the Silk Road Economic Belt, China, utilizing remote sensing based on the partition–integration conceptNatural Hazards and RiskSCI-3区
2019郭兵Salinization information extraction model based on VI–SI feature space combinations in the Yellow River Delta based on Landsat 8 OLI imageGeomatics, Natural Hazards and RiskSCI-3区
2018张文刚Design of SBS-Modified Bitumen Stabilizer Powder Based on the Vulcanization MechanismAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-3区
2018王春光CFD Simulation of Vortex Induced Vibration for FRP Composite Riser with Different Modeling MethodsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-3区
2018赵珍珍A single-station empirical TEC model based on long-time recorded GPS data for estimating ionospheric delayJOURNAL OF SPACE WEATHER AND SPACE CLIMATESCI-3区
2017范学忠Detecting artificialization process and corresponding state changes of estuarine ecosystems based on naturalness assessmentOCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENTSCI-3区
2017郭兵Improved estimation method of soil winderosion based on remote sensing and geographic information system in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, ChinaGeomatics, Natural Hazards and RiskSCI-3区
2017郭兵Improved method of freeze–thaw erosion for theThree-River Source Region in the Qinghai–TibetanPlateau, ChinaGeomatics, Natural Hazards and RiskSCI-3区
2023郭宝云Utilizing Multilevel Modeling to Measure Neighborhood Dynamics and Their Impact on House PricesAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-4区
2023庄灿Research on urban 3D geological modeling based on multi-modal data fusion_ a case study in Jinan, ChinaEarth Science InformaticsSCI-4区
2023Liu, NingningInfluencing Factors and Prewarning of Unsafe Status of Construction Workers Based on BP Neural NetworkAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-4区
2023燕婷婷Evaluation of the Ecological Quality of the Taishan Region Based on Landsat Series of Satellite ImagesTEHNICKI VJESNIK-TECHNICAL GAZETTESCI-4区
2023兰斌鹏Review of the Double-Row Pile Supporting Structure and Its Force and Deformation CharacteristicsAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-4区
2023傅秀华Nitrogen-doped porous carbon with parallel macropore channels derived from Luffa sponge as counter electrode of high-performance dye-sensitized solar cellsJOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICSSCI-4区
2023王婷Effects of Nanomaterials Reinforced Aggregate on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Recycled Brick Aggregate ConcreteMATERIALS SCIENCE-MEDZIAGOTYRASCI-4区
2022王文静Automatic System Design of Assembly Building Components for Sustainable Building Projects Based on BIM TechnologyMATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERINGSCI-4区
2022魏翠霞Spatial-temporal evolution pattern and prediction analysis of flood disasters in China in recent 500 yearsEARTH SCIENCE INFORMATICSSCI-4区
2022文晔Quantitative discrimination of the influences of climate change and human activity on rocky desertification based on a novel feature space modelOPEN GEOSCIENCESSCI-4区
2022吕成哲A Classification Feature Optimization Method for Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Fisher Score and mRMRAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-4区
2022张文刚Influence of High Viscosity Petroleum Resin (HV-PR) on the Intermediate and High Temperature Performances of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Block Copolymer (SBS) Modified BitumenARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGSCI-4区
2022朱夫宏Digital Restoration Method of Sculpture Face Based on Deep LearningLASER & OPTOELECTRONICS PROGRESSSCI-4区
2022王萌Dimensional Reduction-Based Moment Model for Probabilistic Slope Stability AnalysisAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASELSCI-4区
2022苏天Damage identification of wind turbine blades based on dynamic characteristicsNONLINEAR ENGINEERING - MODELING AND APPLICATIONSCI-4区
2022范学忠Response of tidal creek networks and tidal connectivity to coastal squeeze of saltmarshes in the southern Bohai BayNew Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater ResearchSCI-4区
2022梅雪峰Simulation of the Failure Process of Submarine LandslidesJournal of Coastal ResearchSCI-4区
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